Pivato pantograph doors, the sash reinvents itself

Pantographed door
for timeless style


Doors today furnish our homes as architectural elements of great design, combining their fundamental function with the great aesthetic value they can bring to interiors. Pantographed doors, with their dynamic and refined aesthetics, are capable of interpreting various styles to the fullest and fit well in more classic settings or in modern and contemporary contexts. Pantographing, which today is carried out with high-tech techniques and tools, guarantees great purity of decorations and lightness of workmanship, for sophisticated products that add dynamism to the space in minimal environments or maintain stylistic continuity in rooms with a more traditional style without excessively weighing it down.

The technique
of pantography


To make a door connoted by the aesthetic sign of pantographing, three indispensable conditions are needed: a refined design that knows how to enhance even the slightest differences in the workmanship; raw materials of excellent quality; and craftsmanship capable of drawing from wood all the emotion of what is an ancient cabinet-making art. An innovative woodworking system, pantographing makes it possible to uniquely and charmingly customize the panel of the interior but also armored door by performing any type of cutting, drilling and machining. It is thus possible to customize doors with geometric decorations, precisely down to the smallest detail, enhancing all the colors and essences of the wood material. The artisan knowledge of an ancient processing method meets the most up-to-date technology: the decoration is designed and entered on an electronic support; the data is then transferred from the computer to a special machine that reproduces it on the surface of the wood. The pantographed patterns give a three-dimensional visual effect and an accentuated sense of depth. Finally, the pantographed panel is treated with special varnishes that enhance the workmanship and give the surface a shine.For its pantographed doors, Pivato selects the best woods, both in terms of wood species and the right degree of ripeness and durability, to ensure perfect products.

The aesthetic language
entrusted to the "sign"

Pivato interprets the art of pantography through six different signs. Alphabet of a fascinating language that communicates elegance and emotion. Decisive, immediate in its reading and its positive ability to communicate, the Pivato pantographed door steps out of the box and presents itself as an original interpreter of a style that does not fear the passage of time. The door reinvents itself through pantographing, a process that creates a style with a softer or more decisive character.

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