How to Clean Pivate Doors


Since wood is a very delicate material, you should by no means use harsh chemical cleaners; you will only need a capful of mild soap diluted in 3l of warm water.

First make sure to remove dust from the surface using an electrostatic cloth.

Use a new microfiber cloth to lather the stained parts but be careful not to press too hard, we don't want to risk ruining the surface.

Now it's time for the rinse, take a second microfiber cloth, moisten it and through gentle circular motions remove the soap from the surface of the door.

We've reached the last step, dry using a third dry cloth.

Good job, your door is as good as new.


Cleaning laminate doors is a breeze.

First make sure to remove dust from the surface; you can help yourself with an electrostatic cloth.

Now all you have to do is moisten a second cloth with warm water and mild dish soap. Gently rub the stained surface by making circular motions.

Are you satisfied? Good! Now on to rinsing, use a slightly damp cloth to remove all soap residue.

I want to give you a tip to make your door shinier, spray some glazing liquid on a cloth and wipe it gently over the surface. Be careful not to spray the liquid directly on the door.

Great job, now your door is clean and shiny


First of all when we want to clean a glass door it is important to remove deposited dust, we can do this by helping ourselves with an electrostatic cloth.

For ordinary cleaning we will simply dampen a microfiber cloth with lukewarm water by wiping it several times and using circular motions so as not to leave annoying halos.

To remove stubborn halos or fingerprints we can help ourselves with a few drops of alcohol.

Wait until the surface is completely dry to see the final result.

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