Private residence

Work carried out in a private residence where it was possible to achieve perfect continuity between door and wall by painting the door with the same "sponged" finish.

Udine, Friuli


Continuity between doors and walls

The Pivato doors that have been chosen have these features:

- Wood Line hinged doors, Smooth Style, mod. 114, Light Collection, magnetic lock, concealed adjustable hinges;

- Wood Line hinged doors, Bas-relief and Engraving Style, mod. 600, beige matte lacquer, Vivace Collection with telescopic, magnetic lock, invisible and adjustable balance hinges;

- Skirting board in the same finish as the doors

Leggera is Pivato's Filomuro Collection that allows you to create solutions with great aesthetic impact. In this private residence, it was possible to achieve perfect continuity between door and wall by painting the door with the same "sponged" finish.

In addition to design, Pivato has always ensured the performance of its doors: Leggera has a high torsional stiffness core that provides the door with enough grip on the wall (or drywall) to support the door and allow for great stability over time.

Next to Leggera we find the Vivace Collection with telescopic. Its clean and elegant line is combined with numerous guarantees, including:

- Telescopic coverboard, which allows for a door that adapts perfectly to walls of different thicknesses;

- Complanarity between coverboard and door leaf, which is the prerogative that characterizes all Pivato doors;

- Comb joint between coverboard and jamb (Pivato patent) that guarantees maximum stability over time.

Vivace Collection: guarantee of durability!

The city of Udine

Urbanistically, the city of Udine retains the typical imprint of medieval cities.

The city developed around the castle hill in the center, expanding from the 10th century onward (there were as many as five successive city walls, up to the 15th century, with associated gates and gates).

In modern times the city became heavily industrialized and later converted to the tertiary sector, so there are numerous sites of industrial archaeology.

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