Orbit Series and Sundial Series

Orbit Series

The design of a Pivato door focuses on details that are created to be in harmony with the design of the environment. The doors themselves become design objects and an added value to the space they furnish.

In collaboration with designer Michele Marcon, we created the design of four new models-named Orbita Series: the point of view is off-center, focusing on new signs that revolve around the handle, the focal point where we come in contact with the door.

Sundial Series

The Pivato door as a piece of furniture in harmony with its surroundings is the "fil rouge" from which this Series was born. The perfect functionality of the product marries aesthetic refinement and harmony of form.

Four new models called the Meridiana Series were born, created through the techniques of bas-relief and engraving. The handle set against the plane of the door metaphorically casts its shadow through low-relief and engraved lines that simply and elegantly enhance the design of the door.

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