Private residence

Work carried out in a private residence overlooks one of the main squares of the city of Portici.

Portici, Naples


Between home automation and design

The private residence overlooks one of the city's main squares. It underwent a renovation focused on: redistribution of interior spaces, thermal-acoustic comfort and energy conservation.

Special attention was given to technology: the house is equipped with the latest home automation with remote control.

The furniture design of this apartment focuses on modern concepts: we find flush-to-wall solutions, recessed handles and contrasting finishes resulting from characterful choices.

Leggera is the Collection of Pivato's filomuros, which allows you to create solutions with great aesthetic impact.
In this private residence, Stile Bassorilievo was chosen, which decorates the door with 10 mm thick bas-relief lines, creating a movement of lights that softens the depth of the color Slate.

In addition to design, Pivato has always ensured the performance of its doors: Leggera has a high torsional stiffness core that provides the door with enough grip on the wall (or drywall) to support the door and allow for great stability over time.

The interior wall sliding doors chosen for hallways and rooms are decorated with the Incisa Style. It differs from the Bas-relief Style because the lines on the sash are subtle and precise-a detail that allows each room to be characterized with different and unique details, while still maintaining overall consistency.

Uno.Zero handle. Ergonomics, prehensibility and essential shapes: with its unique design, the result of Pivato research, the Uno.Zero handle contributes character and identity to the door.

The city of Portici

This month we go to Portici, on the Bay of Naples. The city, with its majestic Reggia (pictured), numerous 18th-century villas and the Port of Granatello, is one of the jewels of the Vesuvius area. It was severely compromised by theeruption of Vesuvius in 1631 but flourished again under the subsequent rule of the Bourbons, who built the aforementioned Reggia.

Fun fact: The first railroad section in the history of our peninsula was Naples-Portici, opened in 1839.

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