Private residence

Pivato doors were chosen for a private residence in Matera: Pantografata-style hinged and sliding doors from the Unica Collection.

Matera, Basilicata


Modern and classical come together

In the furniture project we tell you about in this home, the very two souls of Matera seem to merge: modernity and classicism. Pivato doors were chosen for a private residence in Matera:

- Hinged and sliding interior wall doors of the Wood Line, Pantographed style Tosca, mod. 193, white Pivato, Unica Collection with magnetic lock, adjustable concealed hinges and Rondò lock plate, satin chrome

- Skirting in the same finish as the doors.

Pantographed style expresses a classic and sophisticated taste, available in six different aesthetics capable of both re-proposing a traditional style and reinterpreting them in a more modern version: IRIS, TOSCA, TURANDOT, CARMEN, MEDEA, AIDA.

The city of Matera

Matera, city of the Sassi, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The "Sassi," together with the cisterns and water collection systems, are the distinctive feature of Matera: they are ancient aggregates of houses dug into the calcarenite rock close to a deep ravine, the "Gravina." The unrepeatable architecture of the Sassi of Matera tells of man's ability to adapt perfectly to the environment and natural surroundings, wisely using the characteristics of the land.

Matera is one of the oldest still-inhabited cities in the world: the territory holds evidence of human settlements starting from the Paleolithic and uninterrupted to the present day.

But Matera also tells us about the systematic attempt to bend the "rock city" to the various cultures that have succeeded one another. From the Byzantines to the Renaissance, men shaped the face of the city by creating architecture and housing settlements of particular quality and originality.
Instead, today the priorities are redevelopment, sustainable recovery and preservation of the identity of this unique territory and city.

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