Hollowed-out handles

Hollowed-out handles

The handle is a defining element of the door: it enriches the personality of the door, recalls the contact, and defines the style.

Handles carved into the door are the prerogative of Pivato's Wood Line. They are like sculptures in wood, inspired by the history of art and its most famous performers.


Botero is the handle carved completely in the round: it is the full and abundant circle of life.


Rodin is the handle carved according to square proportions: it is the simple complexity of technique.


The Brunelleschi handle represents the aesthetic synthesis of the classic handle, but transposed inside the door.


The Michelangelo handle is distinguished by a minimal sign carved with rigorous precision.


With its round shapes, the Corradini handle enhances the softness of the gesture with which the door is opened.


Donatello digs a vertical groove in the sash so that he can wrap his fingertips around the door.


The Canova handle soars to the edge of the sash with vividness: the bas-relief sign becomes the protagonist of the sash.


The Cellini handle extends its hollowed-out mark to the edge of the sash perpendicularly, for a distinctly stable feel when gripping.


The Bernini handle creates light and shadow with its original geometry.


This hollowed-out handle represents dynamism most of all: drop falling or flame growing, Boccioni is open to interpretation.

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