the styles

With bas-relief and engraving

The consistency of the bas-relief, capable of influencing the shape of the door itself, and the
freedom of engraving, which so markedly designs its personality: these two combined styles will
excite you. This Pivato door plays with lights, depth, space and with shapes: it takes on the role of
absolute protagonist in the environment in which it is placed.

Examples of models and finishes

Legno line model 602 in cadetto matte lacquered design Michele Marcon registered model

Legno line model 603 in cadetto matte lacquered design Michele Marcon registered model



Movement and dynamism: Dinamica is the elegant and modern, essential and functional collection. A door full of character, thanks also to the possibility of choosing 4 different types of casing.
Lines: Legno


We have reversed the opening concept and ensured a spectacular effect, thanks to the perfect coplanarity of the push and pull elements on the corridor side.
Lines: Legno


The Pivato flush wall collection favours lightness to enhance its visual simplicity. Leggera coordinates with your modern and linear environment, adapting to your inspiration and taste.
Lines: Legno, Innova


Unica combines visual and technology and establishes a new accomplishment in design. By making all the top features of Pivato doors its own, this collection is unique by name and by nature.
Lines: Legno


Clean line, standard or telescopic casing, adaptable to every environment and highly customizable: Vivace is the collection that makes your spaces come to life
Lines: Legno, Innova