the styles

Blockboard with glass panel

Light, through transparency, composes space and generates perception of matter. This is how the glass panel you find in this style of door composes the rooms of your home, communicating them with each other. But on a Pivato door, light is also capable of designing and composing figures, themes and patterns. A style that allows you to truly make a journey in space every day (at home).

Examples of models and finishes

Legno line model 3300 in brushed grey oak

Legno line model 3301 in tortora matte lacquered

Legno line model 3412 in avorio matte lacquered

Legno line model 3421 in brushed brandy elm

Innova line model 3400 in olmo fumo elite

Innova line model 3411 in noce moka soft


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