This special sliding opening is full of personality and forces the eye to indulge in the mechanism that distinguishes it: these are the exposed circular carriages, which show the rotation with the sliding of the door leaf. Roller is the solution for those looking for a design with strong and decisive characteristics.

Scorrevoli speciali

Minimal soft

The sliding system with air braking opening/closing system for an incomparable feeling of softness.


The opening that makes the door seem like a moving wall, thanks to the absence of the visible rail.


The opening that is inspired by the harmony of movement: for those who love fluidity.


The system that allows you to give concreteness and linearity to spaces, thanks to its modern and essential design.


The classic sliding system embellished by a decisive and orderly style: Basic is the opening with an almost scenic presence.


The sliding system that transforms the door into an out-and-out curtain.