Pivato Studio

We called it STUDIO because it is the place where Pivato know-how, technologies, research and materials are applied and tested in many different environments.
The PIVATO STUDIO, in fact, is not a showroom in which the models of our doors are observed, and it is not a prototype room, where you can experience first-hand the elements that distinguish Pivato excellence, or just a meeting room, where you can master the installation technologies and techniques.
PIVATO STUDIO is all of these things, and even something more: it is a liveable environment, in which our collections are enhanced in design, in which we experiment with the personality of styles, a place to appreciate the many revolutionary smooth pieces that we offer.
PIVATO STUDIO is the place in which the idea behind each Pivato door is revealed, conceding itself simultaneously to visual appreciation, to tactile pleasure and to conceptual creativity.
But it is also the place where you can experiment with the technical characteristics of each Pivato door: the perfect coplanarity between door leaf and casing, the effects of smooth push and pull and the exclusive patents that make our doors an advanced technological work at the service of everyday life.
It is also possible to view the 7 different sliding types that characterize the SPECIAL SLIDING collection.
PIVATO STUDIO has architects, designers, technicians, creative talents, interior designers, and customers: here these figures dialogue together to give life to new visions, new interpretations and new ideas in the spaces that are provided.



The search for new technical solutions must not only tend to improve the product, but also make the installation and assembly stage easier, quicker and problem-free. Pivato has always committed to simplifying the work of its partners and offers them two different patents regarding the anchoring device for the Unica Collection and the casing-coupling device. Both of these solutions are the spirit of Pivato and its orientation to customer satisfaction..


Thanks to PIVATO STUDIO, it has also been possible to open a PIVATO SERVICE section, addressed to the installers that directly refer to Pivato, and can therefore offer after-sales services. Therefore, we do not just improve the product, we also improve the service.
The aim of this project is to make the experience of installing and maintaining each Pivato door easier, quicker and more functional.
PIVATO SERVICE wants to create a specialized network of selected Pivato installers, who support and train the installers of our retailers on-site, in a widespread manner directly on the territory.
In addition, the project provides support directly at the worksite, speeding up the solutions to installation issues.
Thanks to the PIVATO SERVICE program, installers and retailers will know the technical benefits of each Pivato product in more detail.