The anatomy of a
Pivato door

The structure

The Structure

We seek excellence while respecting Nature. We have always processed only real wood to provide you with doors that remain aesthetically and functionally current over time. For the structural components we use only slow-growing spruce wood of certified origin from the Val di Fiemme, an enchanting park that includes endless expanses of woods, one of the richest in the Dolomites. Thanks to the particular microclimate of the area of this valley, a fine, more compact and durable wood grows, whose slow growth guarantees unique qualities of moisture resistance and structural integrity over time. But not only; the woods of the “Magnificent Community” are managed with ecological techniques of programmed and intelligent reforestation: in fact, less trees are cut than those that grow every year. In addition, only spruce with an average age between 90 and 120 years old are selected, which would die if they were not felled. We are therefore certain to use a natural resource that will never run out.


The Magnificent Community of Fiemme, which monitors the woods of the valley and supervises the collection of wood by selecting the trees that ready to be felled and replaced with younger ones, is our guarantee to always produce doors with the FSC certification, an international forest certification that ensures the traceability and correct forest management of wood.

Finger joint

In the process of eliminating the knots, which would weaken the structure, Pivato uses a finger joint system, which allows the best wood to be selected, and joins it to other pieces to stabilize it.

Shorter elements

In this way, the result is a jointed wood able to withstand stress and shock, guaranteeing the strength and stability that can be recognized in every Pivato door.

Pivato door

Spruce blockboard

A Pivato door wins even the hardest test. The spruce structure of a door immersed in water for 24 hours, swells less than 1 millimetre.

24 h in water

Increases thickness < 1mm



After 24 hours in water, a structure in MDF swells over 5 millimetres: the door no longer functions.

24 h in water

Increases thickness > 5mm

The door leaf

PIVATO customized handle height

In all Pivato doors the handle is mounted at 980 mm from the ground. This has allowed us to improve ergonomics, aesthetics and slims the door, softening it to the eye, and is in compliance with the current safety standards.

Magnetic lock

Pivato doors are fitted with a magnetic lock, designed for maximum adjustability. You will find an aesthetically clean lock with a modern design, which will allow you a smooth and delicate closure on our doors; whether you put a keyhole or not is up to you.


All Pivato doors are regulated by an internal tie-rod that allows door leaf never to deform, even in the presence of temperature and humidity changes. Your door will be perfect for life, and the tie-rod allows it to be easily adjusted without removing door leaf, even by non-professionals.

4-side edging

The Pivato door is more beautiful when it is more functional: for this reason the 4-sided edging of the door leaf is not a purely aesthetic function. Of course, it enhances the finishes ensuring continuity as they are extremely fine aesthetics, but it also contributes to providing more insulation from moisture and to protect the door leaf from temperature changes. It also protects the traceability code of your door, printed on the serial number located on the lower edge.

  • Striker adjustment

    The Pivato series lock guarantees a coordinated and appreciable design, giving you the possibility to choose whether or not you also want a keyhole.
    Lock adjustment

    To guarantee the customer, and to facilitate the installer, Pivato supplies each door with a highly adjustable striker, so that the installation and assembly operations can be facilitated.

  • Handles and recessed handles

    Why are all Pivato doors fitted with handles and plates at the same height of 98 cm? Our study has revealed that it is the ideal height to be easily opened by all members of the family, as well as guaranteeing a truly significant aesthetic factor: the handle is part of the door, and its design complementarily fits into it, giving your Pivato door an upward slimness, and more personality.

  • Perfect adjustment due to the internal tie-rod

    Pivato door perfection is guaranteed also by a standard internal tie-rod on every product, so your door will never be deformed. The purpose of the internal tie-rod placed on the handle side is to allow the door to remain perfect without any deformation due to humidity or temperature changes. Adjusting the tie-rod is child’s play, and you can also do it in a few minutes, without having to remove the door leaf or call a technician.

The jamb


For 50 years we have been studying the jamb: it is the core of the door, its most important component, and today Pivato makes it from spruce blockboard and customizes it for your spaces without joints and unsightly marks that interrupt its linearity. The Pivato jamb not only reaches the technical goals of a perfect coplanarity and the variability between 80 and 600 mm of thickness of your wall, but also satisfies the taste for beauty and harmony, becoming the interior design protagonist in your home, appearing like a single and uninterrupted monolith.

A jamb for every need

The jamb is the absolute protagonist of Pivato door collections, and even their safest guarantee. The beating heart of a door that will remain like the first day forever. You can choose from six collections, all customizable according to your needs, your creativity and your style.

Multilayer poplar casing

A Pivato door is embellished with a high-quality multilayer, demonstrating that “quality” for us means exactly this: using selected materials both on the inside and outside of the door.