The openings

Choose a Pivato door opening based on the space available in the environment, and on the functionality of the door itself. But not only: comfort, style, personality and design are just as many variants that lead you to deciding between six types of traditional openings, and seven smooth special sliding doors.

Noiseless opening

Noiseless is an enrichment for us: an easier movement, a more studied design, a technical goal achieved. By opening a door in this way, you will find that you no longer think that you need a handle.

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The noiseless opening is the revolution that will change one of your most daily gestures forever: Pivato noise and handles. You will discover the pleasure of opening your door “on tip-toe”.

Special sliding doors

Minimal soft

The sliding system with air braking opening/closing system for an incomparable feeling of softness.


The opening that makes the door seem like a moving wall, thanks to the absence of the visible rail.


The ideal opening for those seeking a design with a strong and decisive personality.


The opening that is inspired by the harmony of movement: for those who love fluidity.


The system that allows you to give concreteness and linearity to spaces, thanks to its modern and essential design.


The classic sliding system embellished by a decisive and orderly style: Basic is the opening with an almost scenic presence.


The sliding system that transforms the door into an out-and-out curtain.

Traditional opening

Practical solutions with unmistakable style


It is the more traditional opening: it guarantees greater soundproofing and allows you to choose between one or two-leaf doors.

Walk-in closet

This opening has various uses: it is ideal among other things, for niches, hat storage, pantries, but has a peculiar functionality in the pull/push solution for one or two-leaf doors.


This opening has two equally folding door leaves. It is the most practical solution for small spaces, such as broom closets and bathrooms, able to guarantee maximum accessibility with minimum space. Video Apertura A Libro


While opening the door, the door leaf pin slides along a rail so the door can be opened in both directions. It is an innovative solution to facilitate passing from one room to another. Video porta rototraslante

External sliding wall

This non-invasive solution allows doors to be applied without having to do any masonry work: the effect is that of a moving wall, and you have the possibility of choosing a one or two-leaf door.

Internal sliding wall

If the space is too small for the door leaf to open, this solution will solve it. The door leaf enters directly into the wall, leaving the wall completely free.

Other styles