Unica is the door that combines visual with technology, making the most characteristic qualities of all Pivato collections its own: it establishes a new accomplishment in design, unprecedented from a technical point of view and spectacular from an aesthetical one. This collection, whose installation is covered by a special European patent, is an out-and-out work of art, which can unexpectedly enrich the environments of your home.

Snap-fit casing

To guarantee a perfect coplanarity and hold, Pivato has patented finger-joint snap fittings between the casing and jamb: two fundamental elements of the door that meet and bond so perfectly to guarantee extremely high performance over time.


Practical solutions with unmistakable style

European industrial patent

The Pivato Unica collection required the registration of a specifically designed patent for this door with exceptional features: this patented system enables the door to be installed quickly, making it stable over time without any structural failures. It also allows the installation of more solid door leaves, without adding extra hinges.


The synthesis is the heart of this minimal and clean design: the SINGLE PROFILE is a piece made of finger jointed spruce in which the casing and jamb blend together, eliminating the joint between them and guaranteeing greater solidity.


The core of this project is in the resistance of an aluminium plate: this is in fact placed in a special housing adjacent to each hinge, ready to be fixed to it.


The coloured adjustable hinges are fixed with metric screws to the plate, so the weight of the door leaf is relieved from the wooden SINGLE PROFILE and loaded onto the aluminium plate.


To conclude, the door is anchored to an aluminium level staff previously fixed to the wall, to the false frame or to the plasterboard.

  • Door leaf thickness

    The great stability that Pivato technology and research have ensured this collection allows a 56 mm door leaf that is solid with an important thickness, as our standard 40 mm to be installed. Each door leaf is supported by a tie-rod installed in the handle side guaranteeing perfect stability: your Pivato door will never be deformed.

  • Tie rod functionality

    Due to the ties-rod


    – The door will never be deformed
    – Maximum functionality is guaranteed for life
    – Adjustments are practical

  • Four- sided edging

    Thanks to 4-sided edging, an important formal and functional aspect is guaranteed: the perfect continuity between door leaf and edge.


    Edging allows to:


    – Enhance the finishes
    – Increase aesthetic value
    – Obtain more insulation from moisture











  • Magnet lock and adjustable striker

    The adjustable stiker welcomes the lock guaranteeing a perfect magnetic closure.

  • 180° opening

    The full 180° opening guarantees that passage through the doorway is completely free, giving airy access, complete freedom of movement and a unique harmony between the rooms in the home.

  • Same coloured adjustable concealed hinge and cover as the door leaf

    A Pivato door hinge cannot be seen nor heard but is perceived in the great stability of the door leaf. These hinges in fact, are made of steel and zamak (a zinc, aluminium, magnesium and copper alloy) that guarantees a perfect hold, very long durability and a 50 kg capacity to the door. The possibility to adjust them without removing the door leaf also allows you to always have a perfect hold thanks to the three adjustments: vertical, horizontal and depth.
    See Pivato colour charts



The Colletions


Clean line, standard or telescopic casing, adaptable to every environment and highly customizable: Vivace is the collection that makes your spaces come to life
Lines: Legno, Innova


Movement and dynamism: Dinamica is the elegant and modern, essential and functional collection. A door full of character, thanks also to the possibility of choosing 4 different types of casing.
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We have reversed the opening concept and ensured a spectacular effect, thanks to the perfect coplanarity of the push and pull elements on the corridor side.
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The Pivato flush wall collection favours lightness to enhance its visual simplicity. Leggera coordinates with your modern and linear environment, adapting to your inspiration and taste.
Lines: Legno, Innova


Unica combines visual and technology and establishes a new accomplishment in design. By making all the top features of Pivato doors its own, this collection is unique by name and by nature.
Lines: Legno


Also in the "innova world" we reverse the opening concept: the collection Opera50 provided the perfect conformity of the elements on the priority side, with a push and pull solution.
Lines: Innova