Invert the opening concept on the hinged door: Inversa ensures a wonderful flush view on the corridor side, given by the coplanarity of the elements, and enables a push or pull opening. Due to its features, the aesthetics of this collection have a great personality, which is defined when the door is closed, flush to the wall and when it is open.

Perfectly flush on the outside room

The coplanarity between casing and door leaf is the prerogative that characterizes all Pivato doors. Even in the case of Inversa, this promise is maintained: in fact, on the corridor side, this door is able to guarantee the perfect coplanarity between the elements that compose it and the environment of your home, confirming a strength of our craftsmanship.

Push and pull opening

This collection that allows the door leaf to open in both directions has been designed with a particular construction approach: The Pivato Inversa door, which opens with a 180° pull and a push of 90°, keeps the promise of associating comfort and use with aesthetic value.

A "reverse" opening

To follow the continuity effect of Inversa on the corridor side, the floor must be laid differently to a traditional door.


  • Door thickness 56 mm

    The great stability that Pivato technology and research have ensured this collection allows a 56 mm door leaf that is solid with an important thickness to be installed. The door leaf is supported by a tie-rod installed in the handle side guaranteeing perfect stability: your Pivato door will never be deformed.

  • Tie rod functionality

    Due to the tie-rod: 

    – The door will never be deformed
    – Maximum functionality is guaranteed for life
    – Adjustments are practical

  • Four-side edging

    Thanks to 4-sided edging, an important formal and functional aspect is guaranteed: the perfect continuity between door leaf and edge.


    Pivato adopts a 1 mm edge, 3 times thicker than the standard edges on the market.


    The feature guarantees three advantages:


    – allows to radiate the corner

    – greater resistance to impact

    – greater resistance over time



  • Magnet lock and adjustable striker

    The adjustable striker welcomes the lock guaranteeing a perfect magnetic closure.

  • Reversible jamb

    Reversible jamb allows you to simply change the opening way of you door.

  • Adjustable concealed hinge

    A Pivato door hinge cannot be seen nor heard but is perceived in the great stability of the door leaf. These hinges in fact, are made of steel and zamak (a zinc, aluminium, magnesium and copper alloy) that guarantees a perfect hold, very long durability and a 50 kg capacity to the door. The possibility to adjust them without removing the door leaf also allows you to always have a perfect hold thanks to the three adjustments: vertical, horizontal and depth. Aluminium grey finish and cover the same colour as the door leaf.

    See Pivato colour chart

The collections


Clean line, standard or telescopic casing, adaptable to every environment and highly customizable: Vivace is the collection that makes your spaces come to life
Lines: Legno, Innova


Unica combines visual and technology and establishes a new accomplishment in design. By making all the top features of Pivato doors its own, this collection is unique by name and by nature.
Lines: Legno


The Pivato flush wall collection favours lightness to enhance its visual simplicity. Leggera coordinates with your modern and linear environment, adapting to your inspiration and taste.
Lines: Legno, Innova


We have reversed the opening concept and ensured a spectacular effect, thanks to the perfect coplanarity of the push and pull elements on the corridor side.
Lines: Legno


Movement and dynamism: Dinamica is the elegant and modern, essential and functional collection. A door full of character, thanks also to the possibility of choosing 4 different types of casing.
Lines: Legno


Also in the "innova world" we reverse the opening concept: the collection Opera50 provided the perfect conformity of the elements on the priority side, with a push and pull solution.
Lines: Innova