Dinamica is the door that has been created to open, go through and use. As the name suggests, it is a door that favours movement and maintains its personality while granting it. Elegant but modern, aesthetic but functional, essential but full of expressions, due to the possibility of being able to choose between four different casing models.

Snap-fit casing

To guarantee a perfect coplanarity and hold, Pivato has patented finger-joint snap fittings between the casing and jamb: two fundamental elements of the door that meet and bond so perfectly to guarantee extremely high performance over time.


  • Door thickeness 40 mm

    Dinamica combines beauty and strength: not only does it have four-sided edging, but the 40 mm door leaf is supported by an internal tie-rod installed in the handle side guaranteeing it perfect stability: your Pivato door will never be deformed.

  • Tie rod functionality

    Due to the tie-rod: 


    – The door will never be deformed
    – Maximum functionality is guaranteed for life
    – Adjustments are practical

  • Four-side edging

    Thanks to 4-sided edging, an important formal and functional aspect is guaranteed: the perfect continuity between door leaf and edge.


    Pivato adopts a 1 mm edge, 3 times thicker than the standard edges on the market.


    The feature guarantees three advantages:

    – allows to radiate the corner

    – greater resistance to impact

    – greater resistance over time


  • Re-entrant head casing

    The head of the Dinamica casing is re-entrant, allowing the door leaf to have greater depth, giving the door aesthetic value and peculiar dynamism.

  • Casing

    You can select the Dinamica casing according to your aesthetic taste, choosing between the various designs that better fit the spaces of your home.


    4 casing types:

    – Straight with 105° opening
    – Inclined, with up to 135° opening
    – Classic, with up to 110° opening
    – Baroque, with up to 110° opening


    The feature of this collection is the door leaf, which is slightly re-entrant in the Dinamica version with respect to the casing, giving the door design a feeling of greater depth.

  • Magnet lock and adjustable striker

    The adjustable striker welcomes the lock guaranteeing a perfect magnetic closure.

  • Concealed hinge

    A Pivato Dinamica door hinge cannot be seen nor heard but is perceived in the great stability of the door leaf. These hinges in fact, are made of stainless steel and nylon guaranteeing a perfect hold, very long durability and a 50 kg capacity to the door.


    Adjustable concealed hinge with aluminium grey finish and cover the same colour as the door leaf

The collections


Clean line, standard or telescopic casing, adaptable to every environment and highly customizable: Vivace is the collection that makes your spaces come to life
Lines: Legno, Innova


Movement and dynamism: Dinamica is the elegant and modern, essential and functional collection. A door full of character, thanks also to the possibility of choosing 4 different types of casing.
Lines: Legno


We have reversed the opening concept and ensured a spectacular effect, thanks to the perfect coplanarity of the push and pull elements on the corridor side.
Lines: Legno


The Pivato flush wall collection favours lightness to enhance its visual simplicity. Leggera coordinates with your modern and linear environment, adapting to your inspiration and taste.
Lines: Legno, Innova


Unica combines visual and technology and establishes a new accomplishment in design. By making all the top features of Pivato doors its own, this collection is unique by name and by nature.
Lines: Legno


Also in the "innova world" we reverse the opening concept: the collection Opera50 provided the perfect conformity of the elements on the priority side, with a push and pull solution.
Lines: Innova