Private residence

In a small villa in the province of Padua, in pretty Cittadella, "ceiling" doors were installed with paneling, creating a striking effect of continuity.

Cittadella, Padua


Solution by design

In the typical context of Venetian villages, ahigh-energy performance dwelling was built, which includes:

- No. 12 hinged doors from the Inversa Collection
- No. 1 sliding door inside the wall without jamb
- No. 3 hinged doors from the Unica Collection
- No. 2 double doors for walk-in closet from the Unica Collection matched boiserie, lacquered ash brushed moss.

Thanks to their special construction philosophy, the Inversa Collection doors feature full door-door coplanarity in the exterior room view with the option of either a push or pull solution. The pull solution is a particularly popular feature in double-door models for walk-in closets.

The doors are made "to the ceiling" with paneling of the same moss finish that creates an aesthetically striking effect of continuity.

The Unica Collection imparts clean, essential lines. By using the innovative adjustable concealed hinge, coplanarity can be maintained and the joint between the jamb and casing is eliminated. The combination of these elements made it essential to have a specific design for the installation covered by a European patent. 

The city of Cittadella

Let's go to Cittadella (province of Padua), founded in 1220 it is one of the most beautiful and best-preserved cities of medieval origin in Italy. It is the only walled city in all of Europe to have a medieval Ronda Walk, elliptical in shape and completely walkable.

The Cittadellese territory offers multiple pearls that contribute to the beauty of the Veneto's heritage: villas, noble residences, palaces, civil and religious architecture, parks, gardens and naturalistic sites are elements well distributed throughout the area between the Valsugana, the Postumia River and the Brenta River.

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