Made in Italy quality

Made in Italy quality

Our vision is to consider an interior door as a true element of family life: it characterizes our home, divides or enlarges spaces, guarantees silence when necessary, contributes to energy savings and security. This is why, over time, we wanted to create a door that you can choose and appreciate, and that can enhance the spaces of your environment.
A Pivato door is not only a furnishing accessory, nor a design element: it is above all HOME.
This is why we combine the unique characteristics of the wood of the Val di Fiemme (from which Stradivari obtained his famous violins) to a technological and development research that guarantee equally unique features for our doors.
And it is also for this reason that with over 13 thousand square metres, today our commitment is no different to the one of Ottorino Pivato, who not only designed the future of doors with craftsmanship and knowledge in his joinery in 1969, but also that of a new way to love your home (and be loved).

50 years of Pivato

The story of Pivato Porte is the history of Made in Veneto high craftsmanship. Since 1969, when Ottorino Pivato opened the Pivato joinery in his garage, our doors have always had one thing in common: the passion of the hand that manufactures them. With the passage of time, craftsmanship has been accompanied by the meticulous search for quality and taste that you can find today in all our doors.
The workshop became a joinery, the joinery became a small company and today, 50 years later, Pivato Porte is a real small craftsmanship industry, able to ensure the solidity and quality of the product linked to its name.
Our future? It will be like always, linked to the constant search for style and design, to the accurate selection of raw materials to maximize the quality of the doors made by highly-qualified staff.
And in another 50 years, our doors will still be there to tell a story of passion and excellence: that of Pivato Porte, since 1969.


We manufacture and finish our doors as unique pieces, made in a sartorial manner; in many phases we still work as a craft workshop
Once the best veneers are selected, our craftsmen complete the model.

Each Pivato door is manufactured and finished as a unique piece. The selection of the wood, the cut, the care in refining the detail are distinctive elements that you can find in all our doors. In this attention is all the craftsmanship that we have learned from Ottorino, from the early stages of choosing the wood and the design.

Other capable hands dress the door, pairing and sewing the sheets of wood as if they were fabric. Even the metal inserts are applied by hand.

Our strength is the ability to combine craftsmanship and the ability to create customized products with the latest generation of machines and technologies; only this perfect combination allows us to create a door that is unique in its kind.

Research and development

The challenge of Pivato is not only to create a unique door for its design, material and properties. Research and technical and technological development have also turned their attention to the personalization and simplification of the installation by a specialized technician: out 15 mm jamb, which allows to apply a Pivato door also to walls of different sizes, is an example. The numerous patents and deposited devices that facilitate the adjustment of the door leaf without having to remove it, or the study that allows each Pivato door to have a perfect coplanarity between the casing and jamb, with any style, collection or opening are also examples.


We have been handcrafting top quality wood, while respecting the environment for generations. We know that a tree must have matured its cycle to be able to produce a material suitable to become a Pivato door and be durable over time. It is from the Valle di Fiemme that the slow-growing spruce wood comes from which the core of our doors is made, just like Stradivari, from which the famous luthier obtained the material for his legendary violins. Thanks to the particular microclimate of the area in this valley, a precious, compact and durable wood grows that the “Magnificent Community of Fiemme” manages with ecological techniques of programmed and intelligent reforestation: in fact, less trees are cut than those that grow every year. In addition, only spruce with an average age between 90 and 120 years old are selected, which would die if they were not felled. We are therefore certain to use a natural resource that will never run out..