Manufacturing doors has always been our passion. We first established ourselves as a carpentry workshop in 1969 and today as back then, a high degree of manual skill and a strong passion for wood guide us in making our products the best way possible.
Inversa is designed for those who need to open a door by pushing, in full co-planarity toward the corridor.
No jambs and casings, Leggera has minimal style, perfect for linear and modern settings.
Polished and elegant lines, 180° opening with two types of hinges, full co-planarity and no joints in view between doorjamb and casing.
Today's life is on the go. Wishes and trends are continuously evolving.
Handcrafted care of details, prestigious finishing, ample choices for opening solutions.
Realizing which are the living requirements, means to conceive versatile opening solutions, which offer new ways to live the spaces, combining practicality and elegance.