Our story began in 1969, when Ottorino Pivato opened Pivato carpenter's shop in his house garage. 

The small concerns typical handmade attention to the products, along with the constant pursuit of quality and style, led in 1985 to the first doors collection, “Collezione Origini”, which would have distinguished the company through the “New Wood” brand for years to come.

The brand itself stood out both for the round or square jamb and for the concealed hinges, dropping in this way the classic anuba hinges.


The change had just begun: the carpenter's shop started to resemble more and more a small factory, as regards the sales volumes and the retailing; still, Pivato family assured craftsmanship, quality and solidity.

Despite the evolving styles and the growing market, as in a tailor’s shop, Pivato continued to custom make its doors, exclusively selecting the best materials and trying to satisfy each Customer’s need.


The dynamism which has always distinguished ourselves, resulted, in 2008, in a wider range of products: further  to the historical “Collezione Origini” are added new lines of products, characterized by a more modern and minimalist style. In the “Collezione Leggera”, the jamb transforms itself into an aluminum counter frame, the door is at the same level of the wall.

In 2013, Pivato counter frame was patented. Shortly after the release of the Leggera collection, thanks to some aesthetic and structural devices of the jamb and of the staff bead, was issued the “Collezione Dinamica”, which still distinguish itself thanks to the double staff bead, straight or inclined.


Since the furniture field constantly influences the doors market, in 2011 the “Collezione Inversa” was released: the flush door is co-planar to the wall, becoming part of the room architecture.

Further to Inversa, Pivato decided to widen the product range, creating a more young and affordable collection. It was therefore released the “Collezione Vivace”, which allows to choose among classic, modern, brushed and varnished finishes and between two different kinds of hinges, the pivot one and the knob-style one, varnished in the same colour of the door.

The company has been reiventing itself, both in terms of product and of structure. In addition to the hystorical headquarter in Castelminio di Resana, are indeed established two further plants: in 2010 Pivato Studio and in summer 2013 the new production site of Morgano, for a covered surface total amount of more than 11.000 square meters.


Because we believe that the market needs quality, customization and the experience of whom, for a long time, believes in a costant improvement. The continual improvements of the products, the new finishes and the registered patents are the best statement of our commitment. 

For more than 30 years, Pivato door goes through countless variables: collections, finishes, dimensions, opening solutions, glasses and accessories. The whole company production offers almost 15 milions of different combinations.